[pmwiki-users] Re: (:pagelist:) problem

Daniel Hofer chappy72 at gmx.ch
Wed Nov 23 02:55:44 CST 2005

Hello Patrick

> There *shouldn't* be any difference between the two, so something
> else must be happening here.
> Is there a url we could look at?

yes, have a look to www.wistar.ch.vu
In the sidebar click on "Inventar" and there on "Computer-inventar".

the first (:pagelist:) shows the actual group.
the second (:pagelist:) shows a group one level below.
--> perhaps THIS could be the problem.
I've just tested to display the same group, that means:
"group=$Group" and
that works fine.
but if I write "group=InventarComputer" (another group), it doesn't work.

Thanks a lot.


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