[pmwiki-users] Re: Search results: show page-titles

Martin Fick fick at fgm.com
Mon Nov 21 18:26:04 CST 2005

> At first glance though (^$Title) looks like the previous
> page and {+$Title} like the next page.  What about {=$Title}
> for the current reference page?
> > It'd be really cool to be able to write things like
> > 
> >     [[OtherPage?action=edit | Edit {+$Title}]]
> >     
> >     [[SomePage]] was last modified on {+$LastModified}
> > 
> > and have the "+" know what to do in each case, but
> > the markup sequencing right is very very tricky in 
> > those cases.  I might have to wait until later.

While were at it, how about dealing with trail headers?

So say that I want Titles displayed instead of pagenames,
I could write something like:

    <<{^$Title}| [[TrailPage|+]] |{+$Title}>>

Maybe instead of ^ and + for prev and next we use << and >>

    <<{<<$Title}| [[TrailPage|+]] |{>>$Title}>>

Back to PageLists, . could easily represent the current
iterated page: {.$Title}


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