[pmwiki-users] Defining and displaying chess diagrams in WikiPages

Christian Bartolomaeus bartolin at gmx.de
Mon Nov 21 17:16:41 CST 2005

Hi Martin,

* On 21.11.2005 Martin Fick (fick at fgm.com) wrote:
> [...]
> I had a similar idea but decided to use a URL to describe
> the board's layout instead.  You can see and try it here:
> http://www.theficks.name/Hacks/ChessBoard
> I do not use any wiki markup for this so it does not quite
> look as nice in the page text, but it is usable from any
> webpage, not just a wiki page.

it looks interesting as well! I hope, I will find some time to take a
closer look on your php-script. Perhaps it is possible to combine both
approaches, so that one could define positions either with a GUI or
with a directive.


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