[pmwiki-users] Defining and displaying chess diagrams in WikiPages

Christian Bartolomaeus bartolin at gmx.de
Mon Nov 21 15:53:00 CST 2005

Hi folks,

I wonder whether someone else will be interested in defining and
displaying chess diagrams in WikiPages.

I use PmWiki for the website of a chess club [1]. Some months ago I
began to think about the possibility to display chess diagrams in
WikiPages easily. My idea was, that it should be possible for an
author to define a certain position using an easy syntax and that
PmWiki displays the according diagram. This way, it would be easy to
beautify a report about a chess match, let's say. One could even try
to make some analyses of a certain chess position.

Last week I took some time and started to write such a script for
displaying chess diagrams. Since I'm not a programmer and since I had
no idea about PHP until last week, my script is rather "dirty" surely.
But it works somehow. If someone is interested: the script can be
found at:


At the moment I'm using a set of bitmaps for pieces and squares which
is distributed with SCID. I've copied this bitmaps to:

  http://www.aglaz.de/schach/bitmaps2.tar (tar-archive)
  http://www.aglaz.de/schach/bitmaps2.zip (zip-archive)

If you want to check how my script works, try




The syntax to define a diagram (in this case an empty board with a
white king an square E1 and a black king on square E8) would be

  (:set_diagram [size=xx] [align=left|right] wk=E1 bk=E8 :)

If you think my script could be useful and an improved version could
be worth an entry in the cookbook, I would try to work on the script.
Comments, suggestions, and requests for "features" are welcomed. If
someone wants to participate in improving the script, I would be



[1] http://www.greifswaldersv.de
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