[pmwiki-users] Re: FCKeditor?

Thomas N. Burg editor at randgaenge.net
Mon Nov 21 10:35:45 CST 2005

> On Mon, Nov 21, 2005 at 03:00:55PM -0000, Peter Miller wrote:
>> However, none of them are familiar with markup language of any  
>> sort, being
>> used to using Word. Ideally, I'd like to integrate the  
>> unfortunately named
>> FCKeditor with PMwiki as FCK have done with their install of  
>> MoinMoin here:
>> http://wiki.fckeditor.net/
>> I don't know how complex that would be to implement, but if I  
>> could do that
>> then the only problem I'd have would be users referring to it as
>> 'fuckeditor' while we have clients wandering around.
> One big problem with integrating an editor such as FCKEditor with a  
> package
> like PmWiki is that it's very difficult to integrate custom markup
> sequences and local customizations, which is one of PmWiki's biggest
> strengths.  FCKEditor would have to somehow be able to detect which
> customizations are available and know how to display them properly,
> which probably means duplicating every markup conversion in both PHP
> and Javascript.
> With the current state of web and browser technologies, I doubt
> that it's possible to come up with a system that simultaneously
> meets all of the following goals:
>     * cross-browser compatible
>     * graphical editing a la FCKEditor
>     * customizable markup and configuration
>     * OS independent
>     * allow authors to use different editing styles and editors
> Something like Ajax might help here.  Overall I think that the fact  
> that
> very few (if any) of the popular wiki packages have integrated  
> something
> like FCKEditor is a good indication of the difficulty of the problem,
> or that doing so requires too many compromises in other features
> considered important to the wiki engine.
> Pm

Wikiwyg might be a solution http://www.wikiwyg.net/


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