[pmwiki-users] FCKeditor? [OT]

Iain D. Brown iain at iainbrown.net
Mon Nov 21 10:22:19 CST 2005

> Ideally, I'd like to integrate the unfortunately named FCKeditor

An off-topic response ...

FCKEditor is, I discovered yesterday, named after its creator,
Fred Caldeira Knabben. Until I learnt this, I too thought it was a
French Connection UK-style name: too clever by half.

> the only problem I'd have would be users referring to it as
> 'fuckeditor' while we have clients wandering around.

I hadn't thought about this -- I wonder if it is a problem for
other people using projects like Joomla CMS (which incorporates
FredCK's editor)!

Best wishes,


Iain Brown
iain at iainbrown.net

The world needs editors.

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