[pmwiki-users] How to install a Google Sitemaps verification file?

bram bram.brambring at pts.nl
Mon Nov 21 03:22:32 CST 2005

Spare Room wrote:

> In order to get more detailed stats from Google Sitemaps Google 
> verifies my identity thru a unique empty *GOOGLE2f0d34d6262c3ea1.html* 
> file that I
> must  place in my root. I can place and access lower case files ie 
> myfile.html in root but the Google file has uppercase letters and 
> returns a 404 error.  How can I get around this? I am using the latest 
> Pmwiki download with clean URLs.
google probes the files:
the file  *GOOGLE2f0d34d6262c3ea1.html  *should return a 200, a probe 
on  *GOOGLE-probe2f0d34d6262c3ea1.html ( i think) *should return a 404, 
the problem is that cleanurl converts the later to a wiki call returning 
a 200 for an non-existing paga instead of a 404 ( this is planned to be 
changed for the new beta)

I added:

RewriteRule (.*) $1 [L]

just below the rewriteengine on

As a result you can't have pages with GOOGLE in the url like 




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