[pmwiki-users] Blog for PmWiki, now with RSS

Ryan Varick rvarick at gmail.com
Sun Nov 20 21:56:54 CST 2005

Using the WikiCalendar and RSS Simple recipes as a base, I have
written a blog for PmWiki.  I wrote it for myself, so it doesn't have
things like comments and categories, but it does have a digest view,
an archive, permanent links, and an RSS 2.0 feed.  I think it's pretty

Is there any interest in this?  Last time I posted, I didn't get any
replies.  I've cleaned up the code, and tested it on a vanilla install
of PmWiki 2.0.13, so I think the blog is ready if anyone wants to try
it out.

You can see it on my page here:  http://www.ryanvarick.com/Blog/Index

Or on a blank install here: 

Finally, the source is available from here: 

Anyway, I hope somebody finds it useful.  I've got some ideas for
improvements, but I probably won't bother unless there's interest, the
blog already does what I need it to.  It'd be cool to have my own
recipe for PmWiki though. ;-)

Feel free to send me comments!


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