[pmwiki-users] Use of backup2PDF

Mr Wappy mrwappy at yahoo.co.uk
Sat Nov 19 09:19:05 CST 2005


I have experienced a problem with the use of
backup2PDF when passwords are set even though the
username and password is set in the backupwiki.js.

As a test I downloaded the lastest version on pmwiki,
and simply added in support the generate PDF files. 
All works file and pages are produced although there
does seem to be a variation of how the page is
presented.  Sometimes it appears in the browser other
times it attempts to save the file.  (Adobe reader V7
- I have seen other commentss regarding this).

However, back to the backup script.  If I set up and
run the script with no passwords it correctly converts
each page to a valid PDF file.

If I make one change to add a read password to the
wiki in config - I can still inspect and generate PDF
files but the backup script does not produce PDF files
rather the content of the files is now the html files
for each page renamed using the PDF format of the

As it manages to generate valid output I am assuming
that it is accessing the files - so that would
indicate that security is not the problem (or is this
an invalid assumption).   

Does anybody have similar experiences or knowledge on
use of the script.

Current config
$Version="pmwiki-2.1.beta1"; $VersionNum=2000901; 
using PmWiki2PDF dated 2005-10-10

Thanks for your help.


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