[pmwiki-users] Greedy targets= with trails?

Martin Fick fick at fgm.com
Fri Nov 18 18:06:07 CST 2005

  I am using pmwiki2.0.0 and I noticed some strange behavior
with the  targets= header index.

  When a file gets saved it seems to update this target=
greedily, particularly with respect to trails.  It seems to
add the name of the previous and next pages to this.  This
information can then become outdated if the trail is changed
and will be  incorrectly reported by pagelists.

  Is there a way to shut off all forms of indexing entirely?
I would prefer to run my site without any duplicate meta
data in the file headers. I would prefer not to even have to
worry about the integrity of the header data with respect to
th actual text.  I know that this could mean a performance
hit, but it's something I would gladly take to ensure data
integrity even of files that I muck with by hand or by



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