[pmwiki-users] ?controlling page width?

Glenn Blalock gblalock at grandecom.net
Fri Nov 18 11:12:40 CST 2005

This is a novice question, so apologies in advance.

I'm trying to fix the width of pages at following site:


What you should see when you go there is everything fixed to 980px width
EXCEPT that d*mn*d header.  I can't get it fixed.

In my .css file, I have body width set to 980

Here's the section in my template where I "thought" I was controlling the
width of the header:

  <table width='980px'>
<div id='wikilogo'><a
href="http://comppile.tamucc.edu/wiki/CompFAQs/Home"><img src='$PageLogoUrl'
    alt='$WikiTitle' border='0' /></a></div>
<div id='wikihead'>
  <form action='$ScriptUrl'>
    <a href='$ScriptUrl/$[$Group/RecentChanges]'
      accesskey='$[ak_recentchanges]'>$[Recent Changes]</a> -
    <input type='hidden' name='n' value='$FullName' />
    <input type='hidden' name='action' value='search' />
    <a href='$ScriptUrl/$[$SiteGroup/Search]'>$[Search]</a>:
    <input class='searchbox' type='text' name='q' value='' />
    <input class='searchbutton' type='submit' value='$[Go]' /></form></div>

Any help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance, 

Glenn Blalock

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