[pmwiki-users] Pagelists, trails and categories: bug and fix.

Martin Fick fick at fgm.com
Thu Nov 17 15:09:50 CST 2005

   When using a cateogry in a trail such as:

   page: MyGroup.FooTrail

   * [[Foo.Bar]]
   * [[Foo.MiliBar]]
   * [[!Silly]]

   and trying to do a paglist on it using:

     (:pagelist trail=MyGroup.FooTrail:)
   the category ends up getting listed as a page in the
   MyGroup group, as MyGroup.Silly.


  The problem occurs in the trails.php ReadTrails() function
  around here:

      if (!preg_match("/^([#*:]+) \\s*
            | (($GroupPattern([\\/.]))?$WikiWordPattern))/x",$x,$match))
      if (@$match[6]) {
	 if (!$LinkWikiWords) continue;
	 $tgt = MakePageName($trailname,$match[6]);
      } else $tgt = MakePageName($trailname,$match[3]);

  The $match[3] will get set to '!Silly' and then passed to
  MakePageName() which returns the wrong answer:


   I'm not sure if MakePageName() should be able to handle
   this correctly, but one way to intercept it before it
   even gets there is to add this line:

       $match[3] = preg_replace("|^\!|", "Category.", $match[3]);

   right before the line:

       if (@$match[6]) {

   With this patch, $match[3] will end up like
   'Category.Silly',  MakePageName() handles that properly.


   One might ask why one wants to do this?  Well it allows
   all the links and categories of a page to be summarized
   nicely, particularly using either the PageListTemplates
   or CompactPageList recipes.  With the former recipe it
   should be possible to even weed out the non category
   links - someone previously asked for a way to get a list
   of categories that a page belongs to.



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