[pmwiki-users] Some way to return to common page holding two editable regions

Henrik Bechmann henrik at bechmannsoftware.com
Sun Nov 13 13:15:17 CST 2005

If I have two standard editable regions on a page (being <--PageText--> 
(where the current page is 'MyPage') and say <--wiki:MyPageSidebar-->, 
the sidebar containing content specific to the page), then I can cause 
edits with

<a href='$PageUrl?action=edit'>$[Edit Page]


<a href='$ScriptUrl/MyPageSidebar?action=edit'>Edit Sidebar</a>

But how do I get the latter to return to the former page, when hitting 
the "Save" button. IOW when editing MyPageSidebar, how can I return to 
MyPage rather than MyPageSidebar normal view after hitting Save?

- Henrik


Henrik Bechmann
Webmaster, www.dufferinpark.ca

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