[pmwiki-users] more SEO-friendly heading markup rule

Bronwyn Boltwood arndis at gmail.com
Fri Nov 11 11:56:48 CST 2005

Today I needed a more SEO-friendly heading markup rule for a skin that
uses h1 for the page title, and took a crack at making it myself.  If
it's useful for others, we can put it in the cookbook.

Here's what I wanted:

!heading (1 bang) --> <h2>heading</h2>
!!heading (2 bangs) --> <h3>heading</h3>
!!!heading (3 bangs) --> <h4>heading</h4>
!!!!heading (4 bangs) --> <h5>heading</h5>
!!!!!heading (5 bangs) --> <h6>heading</h6>

<h1> is used for the page title and I don't want it used elsewhere,
but I also don't want to force authors to use !! for headings, if only
because I'll forget.

So I took the original markup rule, and produced this:

Markup('^!', 'block',

which to my surprise, works.


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