[pmwiki-users] New PageListTemplate to simulate RecentChanges

Fick, Martin fick at fgm.com
Wed Nov 9 21:31:15 CST 2005

> From: Patrick R. Michaud [mailto:pmichaud at pobox.com]
> >   It would be nice to have the default for the pagelist
> > trail= option to not order the pages at all.  This would
> > allow the original trail order to be used.  I had to
> > override the order with -time or else it will order things
> > alphabetically.  If not the default, an oder=none option
> > would be good in this case.
> You might try order= or order="" and see if that works the
> same as your desired order=none.

Cool, I didn't think of that!  

order="" worked, order= did not



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