[pmwiki-users] New PageListTemplate to simulate RecentChanges

Martin Fick fick at fgm.com
Wed Nov 9 17:36:48 CST 2005

>   Using this method you can also "piggyback" off of the 
> real RecentChanges pages.  In the RecentChanges.GroupHeader 
> you put a pagelist that uses the trail={$Name}.RecentChanges
> option instead.  This now reads the real RecentChanges page
> to figure out which pages to list.  This has the advantage
> that it will track the real RecentChanges and reflect
> excatly the same pages as it.  Another major advantage is
> that this will not suffer the performance hit that a real
> pagelist will suffer!  You can see a mockup of this here:
> http://www.theficks.name/test/PLT/pmwiki.php?n=RecentChangesPiggyBack.PageList

  Note also the minor glitch that deleted page float to the
top since the time is taken from the individual pages (which
no longer exist), and not from the RecentChanges listing.

  It would be nice to have the default for the pagelist
trail= option to not order the pages at all.  This would
allow the original trail order to be used.  I had to
override the order with -time or else it will order things
alphabetically.  If not the default, an oder=none option
would be good in this case.


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