[pmwiki-users] own style

Andre Szabolcs Szelp a.sz.szelp at gmx.net
Wed Nov 9 15:15:33 CST 2005

Hi, all!

I set up PmWiki last weekend, well it took me all sunday.
(no, not the actual setup, becaue it was really easy, thanks
you PM! for this great piece of software). It took me all
sunday to read the documentation, the extensions, etc...
intriguing! :)

Anyway, I'd like to ask, if such a basic question is allowed
on this list (as I am tired of reading), how I could use
spans... as in, I'd like to have some words (names) in small
caps, I'd like something like

kljfsakljsdaf %sc%name here%% kljfdsajfdklsa in my wiki code.

-- I have read something about pub/css/local.css, but when
trying it, it did not work out. (.sc {font-variant: small-caps;})

Thanks for tips,


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