[pmwiki-users] Weird rendering in MSIE - urgently begging suggestions

Tegan Dowling tmdowling at gmail.com
Wed Nov 9 10:54:45 CST 2005

 Greetings, all: We've come across a problem on one of our wikis for which
we urgently need help. The problem ONLY occurs when using the Internet
Explorer browser, not with Firefox (no comfort, since most visitors will be
using MSIE)

On these pages, when viewed with MSIE:

once the page loads, certain rows of text (but NOT all - though the same
ones each time) do not become visible until you run (pass, hover) your mouse
over the links in those rows. (It's not enough to run your mouse over the
rows themselves - it has to pass over the links in them.)

Then, once all the contents of the page are revealed via this fun mousing
activity, all those misbehaving rows will disappear again if you put your
mouse over any of the tabs (above the page content).

On http://milwaukeespotlightfilms.org/Main/HelpSupportSpotlight, the second
section, entitled "Support a Student", contains four bullet points plus a
"Contact Us" link. The fourth bullet row does not include a link, so mousing
over it doesn't bring it up, although using the mouse to select the text on
the page will reveal it. It may render on its own eventually, but not in any
reasonable amount of time.

On http://milwaukeespotlightfilms.org/Main/SpotlightSponsors, there are
actually *three* links to other sites. The third one, below the two for
Pius, is for Hartford Ave school. NO amount of mousing, nor even selecting
the text on the page, will bring this up.

What could we do for a work-around, if we can't figure out what's causing
it? File|Select All doesn't fix it. Refresh just makes it all start over
with nothing showing in the effected portion of the page for a while. I
tried copying the content of one of these pages to another, new page, and
then 'including' the new page in the original - no good, and no good after
the restoration, either.

The one idea we've had that we haven't tried is to replace the .css
stylesheet and/or .tmpl template. If I were to try changing either of those,
does anyone have any ideas what part of either or both to try altering

We noticed this happening on the site yesterday, so today I updated it to
PmWiki version 2.12.

(/Stupid/ Microsoft.)

Thanks so much to anyone who can offer a solution or even any suggestions
for things to try!

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