[pmwiki-users] help on wikiform cookbook (display multiple lines)

PyG pyg_listes at exiup.com
Wed Nov 9 09:26:49 CST 2005

Hello world,
I'm using wikiform to maintain a simple list of customers (name, adresses, 
orders, etc). It works quite well and have been set very quickly (a great 
great thanks to JR).

My problem :
when I use the (:wikilist page=form:) markup, it only shows up the first 
line of the adress field, defined as :
:Coordonnées:coordonnées Adresse (text)

I was wondering if it's possible to diplay the whole textarea content, and 
not only the first line ?
It must be somewhere in the FmtEntryList() function (I tried to play with 
preg_replace "s" and "m" flags), but I must admit I'm a little bit lost...

Any help would be welcomed :)

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