[pmwiki-users] including Wikifomr issue in a page

nexyufuli evo noskule at gmx.net
Wed Nov 9 08:40:04 CST 2005

John Rankin schrieb:

>On Tuesday, 8 November 2005 10:30 PM, nexyufuli evo <noskule at gmx.net> wrote:
>>hi list & john
>>I try to include a wikiform issue into another page. But in this case 
>>the editform link at the bottom of the page didnt shows up. Could this 
>>be changed, so that it will be includet at the end of the
>>wikiform content?
>>grz nos
>Good suggestion. I am in the process of internationalising the text
>of things like 'Edit Form' so I'll include this feature too.
>My immediate idea is that something like
>(:includeform PageName:) will treated as
>(:include PageName:)
>=>[[PageName?action=editeform | EditForm]]
>Would that suit?
principly yes, but imagine this:

Use wikiform as a contact form ( with name, adress, phone, ... . ) in 
the Profiles.UserName pages. There would be a template for the profiles 
page with (:includeform {$Name}:).  So on one side, there is a formpage 
on the Profiles.Username and on the Profiles.HomePage  where the  
(:wikilist:) table with all the entrys shows up.

So every new user inserts his contact itms and gets automaticly updated 
in the wikilist on Profiles.HomePage.

 But there is a problem. New pages are generated manualy with the 
(:wikiform:) directive, and the name of the entry is a number. Could 
there be a configurable solution for using words for the entrys instead 
of numbers, or some complytly other solution to do it?

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