[pmwiki-users] External linking question.

Christopher L Drake abstrusion at gmail.com
Tue Nov 8 11:43:23 CST 2005


  I've been using a PMWiki for a little while, and have tried to keep
up with the questions on here, but have definitely missed a few. I was
wondering if something were possible, and I'm not sure if it has come
up before.

  What I want to do is link via include (or something along the same
lines) to a pmwiki page as source data. For example, if you had a box
on a site that the wiki existed inside of (say, the main page of a
domain, with the wiki one layer deeper in the Dir structure), would it
be possible to access one of those wiki pages to get a list of links
to fill it? I want to be able to have a soft editable page on the wiki
that will let me edit the main page's links by proxy without access to
the main page's source.

  I primarily use my wiki as a private knowledgebase, and I think it
would be useful to reference it from outside (but on the same server)
for when I decide to let a cat out of the bag.

 Can anyone tell me if this is feasible? If not with the current code
(aside of making a new parsing script), can anyone offer up a hint as
to where I'd start a recipe from that would do it as an add-on?

 Input is much appreciated,
 Christopher Drake

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