[pmwiki-users] Russian Content in PMWIKI

Dan Strickland dan.strickland at gmail.com
Tue Nov 8 06:48:36 CST 2005

I am new to the list but have used pmwiki for over one year. I am using the
latest 2 build.

I am sorry to be so dense, but I have looked on the site, tried various
things, but I still cannot
understand how to make the software display content in the edit window in
cyrillic instead of
codes like "Как п" representing the characters. I
can paste cyrillic content into the edit window, and it appears on the site
in cyrillic. The problem is, I cannot go back and edit the text when I open
the edit window again.

I looked at the pmwiki sites listed as having russian content, but they are
mostly english language sites.

Is it possible to put russian cyrillic content on the site and have it
appear as cyrillic characters in the edit window? If so, I would appreciate
suggestions on how to make it happen.

Thank you for your work on this software and for making it available to the
public. It is a wonderful
contribution to the community.

Dan Strickland
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