[pmwiki-users] question about password files

Patrick Ogay lists at basel-inside.ch
Mon Nov 7 10:46:50 CST 2005

thanks for the hints.

It seem's to work now.
The first problem was that the passwordfile was not found.
require_once("local/.htpasswd");  not found
require_once("$FarmD/local/.htpasswd");  found

and later I tryed with different kind of password-length  in the same 
.htpasswd, seem's a bad idea.
but the worst:
the correct statment seems to be and works:
    $AuthUser['vhcuser']  = "$FarmD/local/.htpasswd";
    $AuthUser['pogaz']    = "$FarmD/local/.htpasswd";
where vhcuser, pogaz  are  users in the password file

**not**  as I understood the documentation:

$AuthUser['htpasswd'] = 'local/.htpasswd';
(I thought pmwiki searches user/passwd in the passwd-file, here the user would be htpasswd)

Wouldn't it be senseful to be able to define the user through  the 
passwordfile?  Like I tought, it would be.

Patrick Ogay

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