[pmwiki-users] Create a Wiki Trail from dynamic pages

Crisp, Steve [UK] SCRISP at ngms.eu.com
Fri Nov 4 07:50:16 CST 2005

Dear PmWiki community,


I would like to be able to create a Trail from a dynamic Wiki page.
I've looked at the DynamicTrail recipe but this is not the same thing (I
think).  An example is best here.  Let's assume I have a page called
DynamicPage which contains the following Wiki mark-up:


! This is a dynamic page


(:include ThisPage lines=5..:)


(:include AnotherPage:)


Consider that the pages 'included' above may contain a few bulleted
lists - the above page wraps other content.  I would like to be able to
point a Wiki trail at my DynamicPage.


I would be greatful is someone could let me know how to do this?



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