[pmwiki-users] NotSoSimple Skin

Christopher Dant cdant at virsa.com
Thu Nov 3 14:21:01 CST 2005

Wow! Just found this new skin and really like it. I posted a couple of
questions to it's page (more IE stuff) in the Cookbook and just wanted
to draw the author's attention.
First: thank you.
OK. so here are the questions:
1. In IE6 the edit bar extends to the left into the gradient. You can
see this on your site too...
2. The page edit field is too narrow; it is still the same width as in
Simple Skin. Easy enough for me to fix for myself, I know.
3. Any ideas on how I can change it from fixed to variable width and
still keep a minimum of white space to the left and right? 
Chris D
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