[pmwiki-users] adddeleteline: A great script, suggested fixes and additions.

Martin Fick fick at fgm.com
Thu Nov 3 11:53:26 CST 2005

Wow, what a fabulous script and idea!! :) 
It is really clever.

Some thoughts:

1) The (:input :) markup interferes with the new pmwiki
   (:input :) markup.  See what it does to your edit page!

   a) I would suggest making most of the markup more recipe


   b) Using as much of the new pmwiki form markup as

   I realise that option 'b' would probably make things a
   little wordy.

2) Still some german spread around in the recipe, i.e. the
   button comes up as 'austragen'.  :)

3) How about adding a target= option to the (:form:)

   I have added some notes on doing this manually with the
   pmwiki (:input hidden:) markup to the recipe page.
   (:input hidden name='n' value='<page>.<group>':)

4) Append:  How about making it possible to append to a page
   without that page needing to have an (:addhere:) in it.  
   I have implemented this with the following changes:

   Add a new HandleAction:


   Add the following 3 lines inside HandleAddLine():

>     $added = FALSE;
      foreach ($text as $nr => $line) {
       if ($line==$newpagecmd) {
           $text[$nr] = $replace."\n$line";
>          $added = TRUE;
>    if($action === "appendline" && ! $added) $text[]="$replace";

   Lastly, use the following pmwiki markup in your form to
   specify that you want stuff to actually get appended if 
   it is not inserted via an (:addhere:) directive.

   (:input hidden name='action' value='appendline':)

   This leads to...

Future ideas to make the backend more generic and easier to
integrate by other recipes (it is a great building block!):

5) Possibly Change (:addhere:) to (:insert:) to be more DB

6) Maybe add some form of update mechanism.  Alogn with
   providing a way for editing already added data, this 
   would give a mechanism to allow the middle of a line to 
   be edited.

7) Make multiple additions possible so that if more than one
   entry is provided, more than one line will be added.

8) Add a conditional notation, so that if I have multiple
   fields and they don't get filled out they don't get 
   added.  Something like this (a little wordy though).


    (:form party:)
    ||Name           || (:input name:)   ||
    ||I am bringing: || (:input food:) ||
    || (:submit Enter:) ||||
    (:appendas ifset name "# {name} - (:delete:)":)
    (:appendas ifset food "* {food} - (:delete:)":)

    !!People Attending
    (:addhere party.name:)

    (:addhere party.food:)

9)  Allow multiple targets from one form.  Imagine a
    PageListTemplate that lists each page with a checkbox 
    next to it.  At the bottom of the page will be a
    category textbox.  This would allow a person to enter a 
    category that would then be appended to all the checked

    Im my case, these pages will have photos in them, this 
    will allow me to easily add categories to my photos 
    creating a enriched way to browse them by categories.  
    This could also be very usefull to apply categories to 
    the documentation pages by scanning an index and apply
    categories without having to edit individual pages.

  Again, a great recipe!  Thanks,


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