[pmwiki-users] Re: LDAP - another little problem

Jon Haupt jhaupt at gmail.com
Thu Nov 3 10:58:03 CST 2005

FYI, I was able to solve this problem with help from Russ and the previous
messages on pmwiki.org <http://pmwiki.org>. Essentially, to use both
containers, you're going to have to use a subtree, explained before by using
?sub at the end of the line. Thusly:

$AuthUser['ldap'] = 'ldap://ldap.example.com/o=example?uid?sub';

both ou=People and ou=OtherPeople (separate containers) are under the
subtree of o=example, so apparently this gives the server the go-ahead to
search in the entire subtree, whereas if you use the ou= variable, it will
only search that container.

I'll write this in the AuthUser page on pmwiki.org <http://pmwiki.org> for
future admins, but I don't really know ldap very well, so if somebody knows
how to explain how subtrees work and where o, ou, and sub all fit in, it
would be awesome if you could make it clearer.


On 11/1/05, Jon Haupt <jhaupt at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi there,
> I've been setting up a wiki for use by library staff, and using an LDAP
> server through AuthUser. At first moment it appeared to be working perfectly
> - our setup works beautifully with the example you offered:
> $AuthUser['ldap'] = 'ldap://ldap.example.com/ou=People,o=example?uid';
> Until I was told that, in fact, we have staff in *two different
> containers* in the same LDAP server. So, I need it to check the above, and
> also:
> $AuthUser['ldap'] = 'ldap://ldap.example.com/ou=OtherPeople,o=example?uid
> ';
> I tried just adding another line, but that broke it - now nobody could get
> in. I tried removing the ou= part of the line - that didn't work either.
> Is there a way to make this work?
> Thanks,
> Jon
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