[pmwiki-users] Setting Attributes for a profile Group with AuthUser

Laurent Meister meister at apfelwiki.de
Thu Nov 3 01:01:15 CST 2005

Am 03.11.2005 um 01:45 schrieb Clemens Gruber:

> you can put a file Profile.php in /local
> All things in this file are only effective in this group -- here  
> "Profile" -- you can set there an edit password. like you do it in  
> local.php.

I think, this is not exactly what I want to do.  To protect one group  
with one edit password, you can set this password on the Profiles/ 
GroupAttributes?action=attr page. But I want to set the edit password  
for all pages off the Profilegroup at one time, but only allowing the  
Admin and one User to edit the users Profile/User page.

So that for example user bart can edit Profiles/Bart and nancy her  
Profiles/Nancy page but not the other one.

So I'm looking for a function of AuthUser like id=$Name or something  
like this.

Best regards

Laurent (kt007)

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