[pmwiki-users] A fundraising thermometer (PHP script to draw an image) within pmwiki

Joachim Durchholz jo at durchholz.org
Wed Nov 2 02:46:03 CST 2005

David Sovinski schrieb:
> I found this free fundraising thermometer written in PHP.
> http://www.arkie.net/~scripts/thermometer/
> however I have no idea how to call the script from within pmwiki.
> Could someone tell me to how to call this script from within pmwiki?
> Or point me to a place in pmwiki.org that already tells me?
> Does it have to be a cookbook entry?
> Where do I start?

Put the script in scripts/thermometer.php.

Set up a (:thermometer:) markup that calls the script.

There's also a bit of legal footwork involved - the code is copyrighted, 
so it cannot be used as is. I.e. if you're lucky, the guy who coded it 
up is willing to give permission or place it under GPL, otherwise you'd 
have to code something equivalent (the latter isn't too difficult if PHP 
skills are available).

(I'd be willing to do all this *and* wrap it up as a PmWiki recipe for a 
reasonable fee. Contact me directly if that's an option for you.)

However, first of all, check that your web presence has GDLIB installed 
and integrated into PHP. The code uses GDLIB and won't work without it. 
(Most PHP installations have GDLIB, but it's better to be safe than sorry.)
If you don't know how to check for GDLIB, set $EnableDiag=1 in your 
config.php, and look at http://your.pmwiki.com/.../...?action=phpinfo . 
If there's a "gd" section, you're fine.


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