[pmwiki-users] Re: PmCal - Print list

Erik Haagensen erik at haagensen.no
Wed Nov 2 02:27:09 CST 2005

[[Kalender?monthsahead=4&monthsback=0&caltype=text | Next 4 months]]
is in Kalendar/HomePage and (:pmcal:) is in Kalendar/GroupFooter - thats 
If I put (:include GroupFooter:) inside of GroupPrintFooter it shows the 
*calendar* in the print out,
but still no list.
I want my users to be able to print out the list of events that shows when 
then click the 'Next x months'
(Actually its all the calendar pages within the specified period - isn't 
yes, wiki is under trial at www.nooreg.no/pmwiki

Erik Haagensen

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