[pmwiki-users] Re: improved markup for floating images...?

V.Krishn mistyfire at autograf.pl
Tue Jul 26 14:51:58 CDT 2005

On Tuesday 26 July 2005 21:12, you wrote:
> >Please find some time to view:
> >http://insteps.net/notebook2/channel.php/Notes/Sample1
> >http://insteps.net/notebook2/channel.php/Notes/Sample2
> >.....the stylesheet associated with it is:
> >http://insteps.net/pub/cookbook/snotes/snotes.css
> >
> >I have tried using text and images with various kinds of floats that I
> > would possibly think off. The result is quite satisfactory.
> Hmm, really interesting!
> OK, where is nbullet: defined?  Custom markup?
nbullet: works quite similar to Attach: except that it points to an icon 
repository and not uploads/.
> also what are these styles affecting:
> snote, gennote and listcompact
well, if you write something like this in pmwiki:
%class=test1 color=red%Some text over here....%%

Here "test1" becomes "Class" selector for the span tag.
Now when "test1" gets defined I might as well extend the CSS functionality in 
some css file and load it when the page is displayed, and voila I can do 
plenty of intresting stuffs.

http://insteps.net/pub/cookbook/snotes/snotes.css does nothing but only 
defines some class hooks. I have tried to make it kinda generic hooks which 
can be used to create all kinds of block notes/stickynotes.

Techinically, with use of Attach: and adding snotes.css file to your pmwiki 
template would give same results, except that you have to upload icons in 
uploads/ directory now.
> Really good stuff.  Thanks for sharing
> Ed W

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