[pmwiki-users] Migrating a PM Wiki - what to bear in mind

Patrick Ogay lists at basel-inside.ch
Tue Aug 30 12:45:28 CDT 2005

 >That's odd, simply copying the files should work, or at least partially

The problems *I* experienced, ist the .flock in wiki.d and the rights, particluarly of wiki.d which has to be writable.
Of course you also have to check config.php, you might have "absolute" wrong URLs and directorys/paths in it. As en example upload. 

Other problem might occur with other phpversions (particularly when you use cookbook/recipes)
It depends on php configuration, which errormessages you see. 
As PM said, other pmwiki versions (particlularly version 0.6x/1.0  and version 2betax. 

I really copy a lot of wikis, and it's a good feature of pmwiki!
But the things I mentioned are important to consider. 

Sometimes I install the newest Wiki-Version and copy wiki.d, then the configs and the templates for a migration. 

Patrick Ogay

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