[pmwiki-users] Question to IncludeWikiPage . Conflict with name based v-hosts?

Patrick Ogay lists at basel-inside.ch
Tue Aug 30 09:54:59 CDT 2005

thanks for the advices.
 >Deny/Allow in apache doesn't have anything to do with virtual hosts.
There was mentioned something about two lookups in case of a hostname, 
in a name based v-host the ip-adresse is not unique of course.
But why it doesn't work with  the IP-Adresse from the server and it 
works with my own temp. IP, I really can't explain.

>I've remarked that the IncludeWikiPage script ought to be
>rewritten to use ?action=source instead of attempting to read the
>files directly.  Then one can use PmWiki's access control mechanisms
>instead of trying to make Apache do it.

I also thought, it would be better to go over a pmwiki mechanism.
Is there a possibility to "login"? 
I can imagine, that it would be possible to set up a php http-call with the credentials 

 >Also, unless IncludeWikiPage is modified to use ?action=source,
 >the recipe *will* break when 2.0.0 is released, because the file naming
 >conventions for files in wiki.d/ are going to change slightly.

I tried to
But that's can't work because it's a different format....
Yeah, it has to be rewritten.

Although the code is short, the mechanisme is not quite clear to me...
Bevor I spent a lot of time, I have to know,  whether it's possible to 
authentify in one call.

Patrick Ogay

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