[pmwiki-users] Guestbook not working in my configuration with Per Group Subdirectories

Patrick Ogay lists at basel-inside.ch
Tue Aug 30 01:41:36 CDT 2005

Hi David!

 >If anyone has a specific starting point to suggest to begin my quest 
please feel free to make suggestions!!!
 If you already know programminglanguages like C, php is straight 
forward and very well dokumented .

php has really a  lot of functions  like:
http://ch2.php.net/get_html_translation_table   (it's difficulut to get 
an overview)

pmwiki works extensively with regular expressions (for me difficult to 
and it needs some time to "feel" the logic of pmwiki. (I  don's think 
it's dokumentet from developers View) .

I think, it's important to know the basics of php. Then come the basic 
functions of pmwiki 
I guess, it  would be a good exercise to try to adapt the guestbook  or  
make a  own extention (to any php based product, because there are 
really many).

If I could adapt the Guestbook, let's say in an hour, I would have done 
it already. It's not because it's extremly difficult, but as you know as 
a programmer, it's difficult to find errors like that, particullarly I 
the pmwiki logic is not quite clear :-)

When I'm programming,  I always use a routine TestLog(string) , which I 
place in farmconfig.php, so there is a possibility to write to a logfile 
(I didn't find a nativ possibility to do so that time, but  there is 
alsways a danger to write a test feature, that already exists:-)

If you really also want to get into pmwiki, we could try to establsih a 
documentation for developers view, may be other people would be 
interested, too.

Patrick  O.      

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