[pmwiki-users] Guestbook not working in my configuration with Per Group Subdirectories

David Sovinski aslan at aslandata.com
Mon Aug 29 12:26:38 CDT 2005

Patrick (and all others too)

Thank you for  responding. I know that I need to learn PHP too. Then I 
could jump in and help fix/develop a few things.
One way I learn is to start work on a useful project. Maybe the 
Guestbook recipe would be a good starting point??? This would allow me 
to learn PHP (and by necessesity HTML) while learning the guts of 
pmWiki. I've started going through a PHP tutorial and have understood 
what I've looked at. I do already program in several languages.
The difficulty with this method of learning here is that pmWiki is well 
on it's way as a project and it's waaaaay beyond beginner's stage. So I 
need a starting point.
Not sure where that is yet :-)

If anyone has a specific starting point to suggest to begin my quest 
please feel free to make suggestions!!!

David Sovinski (Caspian)

Patrick Ogay wrote:

> I ported the Guestbook to pmwiki 2.x., but I didn't write the code..
> At the moment, I install a new wiki installation.
> Certainly guestbook, *Forms* and Mailform is a topic for me, but  at 
> the moment, I haven't  the time to do a time-consuming 
> troubleshooting, for features I don't urgently need .
> When I have time, I will have a look at it.
> regards
> Patrick Ogay
> David Sovinski wrote:
>> This problem was originally put out to the group about a month ago. 
>> Is anyone working on it to give me some encouragement tha a solution 
>> might be forth coming?
>> I've been having a configuration specific problem in 
>> pmwiki-2.0.beta54: Caspian
>>    * I am using Guestbook, PITS, and Per Group Subdirectories. And
>>      there-in lies the problem. If I remove the Per Group
>>      Subdirectories option and make sure that Guestbook
>>      /include_once('cookbook/guestbook.php');/ is the *first* entry in
>>      the local/config.php it seems to work. However if I turn on the
>>      Per Group Subdirectories then Guestbook quits working again. If I
>>      put Guestbook in after PITS /include_once('cookbook/PITS.php');/,
>>      PITS recipe doesn't find its files correctly but Guestbook does
>>      work. pm did look at this a bit and said that he thought there was
>>      a problem in Guestbook and specifically with $pagename.
>>      <SNIP> from an email from pm
>>      The guestbook.php recipe takes some serious liberties with setting
>>      the value of $pagename -- in particular, it undoes any setting of
>>      $pagename that might've been done by a previous recipe or
>>      config.php setting. So, guestbook.php needs to be rewritten to not
>>      do this; in the meantime it means it must be loaded before
>>      anything else.
>>      </SNIP>
>>      Per Group Subdirectories being active is important to me and any
>>      help is appreciated.
>> Any suggestions who I might contact for help?
>> This information is also on the Guestbook recipe page
>> Thank you
>> David Sovinski (Caspian)
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