[pmwiki-users] Sidebar considerations and more

Dominique Faure dominique.faure.1 at free.fr
Thu Aug 25 11:03:56 CDT 2005


Dealing with sidebars, here's my bunch of (more or less technical) remarks
/ ideas(?) / considerations on them:

* Most of the (Pm)wiki site are using a single sidebar which is rendered
on the left or on the right side of pages thanks to the used skins. Trying
to point out thing by their nature more than by the place they lay, I
think we need a [@(:nosidebar:)@] directive redefined into every skin to
[@(:noleft:)@] or [@(:noright:)@] behavior according to the provided

* PmWiki comes with some predefined pages, and more precisely a
[[Site.SideBar]] one. Starting a new wiki, I usually copy the
distribution's [[Site.SideBar]] page to [[PmWiki.SideBar]] (thanks to the
rename cookbook recipe) and define a more site-specific [[Site.SideBar]]
page ending eventually with an [@(:include PmWiki.SiteBar:)@] directive.
The page "overloading" mecanism (IMHO, one of the best features of PmWiki)
guarantees that predefined pages are kept buried under edited content, but
is lacking (what I found) an important feature: The ablity to retrieve
(include) page content precising the pagestore it comes from with a
directive like:
-->[@(:include [PageStoreName]Group.Name:)@]

->Without this, I'm obliged to proceed to a page copy every time I upgrade
the PmWiki core (BTW, having already predefined in the core the
[[PmWiki.SideBar]] page with a [[Site.SideBar]] including it solely could
be a more elegant solution).
->Anyway, this ridiculous sidebar annoyance resolution may surely open new
perspectives to PmWiki farmers using shared pagestores for example.


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