[pmwiki-users] Editing the Site.SideBar

David Sovinski aslan at aslandata.com
Wed Aug 24 15:48:49 CDT 2005


Copy the sample-config.php to /local directory as config.php. You may 
have to create /local within directory pmwiki

Edit or view the 'admin' password. Edit the Site.Sidebar. Have fun!

David Sovinski (Caspian)

Phil Seyer wrote:

> I'm a new pmwiki user.  The default home page has a Site.SideBar with 
> a lot of PmWiki stuff, which is nice, but I would like to edit those 
> items on the left to make them my own.  When I try to do so, I'm asked 
> for a password.  What do I do?
> My site is:
> http://www.lovemusiclovedance.com/pmwiki/pmwiki.php
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