[pmwiki-users] bug?

Sebastian Siedentopf schlaefer at macnews.de
Tue Aug 23 16:36:34 CDT 2005

Seems like a bug. Maybe a simple Keep() in the searchbox output for  
the textfield value helps out.

Am 23.08.2005 um 23:23 schrieb Radu:

> Sorry I was in the middle of a work session, and just shot a note  
> to the list, since I keep forgetting to report it. Here's how it  
> renders out of my pmwiki:
> <INPUT class=wikisearchbox value="<span style=" name=q red;?  
> color:>' size='40'
> /&gt;
> On pmwiki.org, it does the same. I doubt that's a feature. More  
> likely some problem of markup precedence.
> At 04:41 PM 8/23/2005, David Spitzley wrote:

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