[pmwiki-users] Questions and cookbooks proposals

PYG pyg_listes at exiup.com
Fri Aug 19 14:24:33 CDT 2005

Hello world
(I know this email should have been splitted, sorry for it's length and 
my bad english)

I'm using PmWiki (1 & 2) on several websites for many months now, and 
maybe it's time fo me to make some kind of assessment.
And I'm not coming with hands in my pockets : some cookbook proposals 
are at the end of this mail ;)

First, I wanted to say a really great thanks for all the job done here, 
not only by Pm (of course) but also by many people on this list (and a 
special thanks to PRZ for his huge work on french translation).

Next, I would say that, even if everything is working fine, some points 
are always coming up to my mind when I make a new install of PmWiki, and 
even if I could make modifications by myself, I was wondering if some 
things shouldn't be part of PmWiki core, so I'll write some propositions 
here before going to PITS.
1. could the accesskeys shortcuts be displayed along with the tooltip on 
GuiEdit bar ?
See : http://wiki.framasoft.info/Tests/Index?action=edit (mouse over 
"bold" icon). I've just added $mkey (if not emty) to the tooltip value 
on guiedit.php
I think that if an admin define some accesskeys, users should be aware 
of that and the tooltip is, imho, the best place (note that they're also 
indicated in EditQuickReference, but it's maybe not a good place)

2. Is there an solution for subscribing to rss page, if page is password 
protected ?
At the moment, I've to unprotect with "nopass" all my 
ProtectedGroups/RecentChanges. And, until we have a secure solution for 
users pages subscription, I'm stucked with telling them to use their 
favorite newsreader and to subscribe to some rss, but of course theses 
newsreaders can't post passwords :(

3. Maybe footnotes ability (from jr's extendedmarkup [^ ^]) and Table of 
contents (:toc:) should be added to core markups ?
I manage about 6 wiki's on very different subjects and there was 
*always* a good reason to add them as cookbooks. It's not the time it 
takes, but maybe new users should be happy to use them witout wondering 
how to install them. I use many other custom (or jr) markups, but thoses 
  seems quite essential for me (and my authors).

That's all I could complain about PmWiki at the moment (and I use it 
intensively, so I think it's a good point to have a so hort list ;) )
My users are really waiting for a good way to subscribe by email to a 
page, but it's already in PITS and I've already voted :)

Now, time to share some cookbook. Please don't laugh, I'm not a PmWiki 
hacker :)
If it sound usefull to you, I'll create some cookbook page, but I prefer 
to submit them here before because maybe some of you are working on 
similar issues

1. insert & play MP3 into wiki
See http://framaplayer.keonox.com (please use ?action=source to see the 
markups used)
I've also built http://framaplayer.keonox.com/DocFr/CookBookPmWiki and 
Job is almost finished, except that the doc is still only in french :-(

2. insert "thermometer" in pmwiki
Not sure it woth a cookbook, but it was very useful for me for a 
donation page :)
See http://www.framakey.org/Test/Thermo
It use a script found here :

3. Expanding links
See http://lab.keonox.com/framasoft/Main/WikiSandbox
This cookbook give the ability to dynamically hide/show some block by 
clicking a link.
Very usefull to hide a long comment under a "*", for example.

4. hide comments block
See http://lab.keonox.com/framasoft/Main/WikiSandbox
Just a simple hack : when ?action=hidecomments is added to url, all 
.comments class are hidden.
I use it for translations, see 
http://wiki.framasoft.info/Traductions.Stallman then 

5. HitCounter
See http://lab.keonox.com/framasoft/Main/WikiSandbox
It's just a counter that ...count (!) how many times users have clicked 
on a link (use txt files)

I need to work again on these cookbook before releasing them, but it 
shouldn't take long. I'll maybe (surely !) need some help to document 
them 'cause my english ain't so good :p

Keep up the good work and thanks again

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