[pmwiki-users] stylish liberated authors and css

V.Krishn mistyfire at autograf.pl
Fri Aug 19 06:33:05 CDT 2005

Pushing this implementation a little further, this is just a thought and a bit 
crazy one.
How about?

 $PageCSSListFmt = array(
    '$FarmD/pub/css/local.css' => '$FarmPubDirUrl/css/local.css',
    '$FarmD/pub/css/$Group.css' => '$FarmPubDirUrl/css/$Group.css',
    '$FarmD/pub/css/$FullName.css' => '$FarmPubDirUrl/css/$FullName.css',
    'uploads/local.css' => '$UploadUrlFmt/local.css', 
    // I am doubtful about the above one
    uploads/$Group/$Group.css' => '$UploadUrlFmt/$Group/$Group.css',
    'uploads/$Group/$FullName.css' => '$UploadUrlFmt/$Group/$FullName.css'));
    'pub/css/local.css' => '$PubDirUrl/css/local.css',
    'pub/css/$Group.css' => '$PubDirUrl/css/$Group.css',
    'pub/css/$FullName.css' => '$PubDirUrl/css/$FullName.css'));

This would imply - 
1. Farm css settings by 'admin'.
2. Field css settings by 'admin' 
3. Field css settings by 'author'


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