[pmwiki-users] fixflow searchbox in <pre> ??

Hans design at flutesong.fsnet.co.uk
Fri Aug 19 02:54:51 CDT 2005

Friday, August 19, 2005, 3:22:22 AM, Patrick wrote:
> However, even with the "From:" in place there's a problem in the
> resulting HTML, as a <p>...</p> cannot contain a <form> tag.

I found the reason for this:
In my code I had empty spaces in front of the <form> tag, starting
$SearchBoxFmt = "
      <form ........

This caused <p> tags on my site, which did not mess up the display,
but <pre> tags on others, which made it ugly. Not sure why such
difference though.

> I'm guessing the searchbox isn't properly indicating that it's a block.

$SearchBoxFmt = "<form ..... etc.
This should be enough to indicate it as a block I guess.

Thanks for the hints Pm!

Could you please update both Gemini and Fixflow skins on pmwiki.org?


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