[pmwiki-users] image + caption with defined width

Christian Schlatter ch at schlatter.net
Thu Aug 18 04:03:53 CDT 2005

Patrick R. Michaud wrote:
> How about:
>    %div width=150px% [[Attach:test.jpg -> HomePage]] | long description
> although it seems to me that the one you have should've worked
> also.  It might be a beta54 bug that has been fixed for beta55.

I can confirm that.

[[Attach:greensox.jpg -> Main.HomePage]] | %div width=200px% this is a 
very long caption ... and it goes on and on

works on pmwiki.org (beta55) but not on my installation (beta54). If the 
line starts with the WikiStyle I also get the correct result with beta54.

 >> It would also be nice to have something like
 >> %lfloat width=200% Attach:test.jpg | long description

 > I think this exists for beta55 -- try it on pmwiki.org.

It works, but not the way I have expected ;-) The width argument gets 
applied to the <img...> tag, which is also nice. In order to set the 
width of the surrounding element, I came up with

%block width=100px% %lfloat width=100px% Attach:greensox.jpg | this is a 
very long caption ... and it goes on and on

Thanks a lot,

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