[pmwiki-users] Re: processing wikistyles

Radu radu at monicsoft.net
Wed Aug 17 06:06:58 CDT 2005

Heya folks.

JR had a great suggestion a couple of times already that seemed to go 
unnoticed (or else I missed the counterarguments). It would be nicer 
for the core set of wikistyles to define semantics first and let a 
css sheet (included if it must be, but better linked), to determine 
the look of those semantics.

IMHO, we should be tagging content rather than just specifying one single form.

Using styles just specifies form and it's difficult to process that 
for other DTDs or schemas, or even for changing the rendering of a 
specific wiki skin for different views/browsers/platforms.

How about a specific Site page where all semantic definitions can be 
available to the Authors for editing. A page containing only 
(:define:) tags, that would map wikistyles to their desired form; 
that way, each skin or each view in a skin could call upon a 
different wikistyle page together with (or in addition to) the normal 
css file(s).


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