[pmwiki-users] Using MathML?

Chris Cox ccox at airmail.net
Tue Aug 16 10:09:55 CDT 2005

Crisses wrote:
> On Aug 15, 2005, at 8:59 AM, David Spitzley wrote:
>> I've set up a wiki for my doctoral dissertation research, and after 
>> beating my head against the MimeTex recipe unsuccessfully (I think 
>> I've got execute permission problems), I've been considering just 
>> using MathML for displaying equations, since I'm using FireFox  which
>> supports MathML.  My question is what people think would be  involved
>> in enabling it in PmWiki.
> Can you send links, and a little more background, like an example of  an
> equation in text format, how MathML is going to be used (display  in the
> browser?  As a graphic in-line image?)?  What operating system?
> It should be relatively simple to create a custom markup like:
> (:mathml equation_filename.jpg equation here :)

It's an HTML markup extension.  Think table markup except
for equations.

That's why I'd recommend using a recipe to allow for
HTML... but certainly one could try to handle the
grammar for MathML I suppose.  Just seems painful.

> And have the wiki pick up the equation, pipe it to MathML, and have 
> MathML name the graphic into the uploads folder, for example -- and 
> PmWiki to display the graphic in the page if the filename already  exists?
> If it's not returning a graphic of the equation, it goes to show how 
> little I understand :)

Your browser interprets MathML (an extension of HTML) and renders
it appropriately.  Because of the inline nature of MathML, I don't
know how easy it would be to create a MathML plugin for a browser.

Might be interesting to have the server render it... but that seems
sort of wrong with MathML... would be nice if David could get
the Mime TeX stuff working, but like other recipes out there, it's
not easy to implement unless you have deep control over the server
and what is installable there.

Just my two cents... sorry about the interruption,

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