[pmwiki-users] what about a favicon? I see it now

Daniel Scheibler scheibi at gmail.com
Sun Aug 14 03:58:11 CDT 2005


I have done this in a very simple way:

  <link rel='icon' href="$FavIcon" type='image/ico'>
  <link rel='SHORTCUT ICON' href="$FavIcon">

$FavIcon = '/my_favicon.ico';

It works perfectly.


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2005/8/14, Robin <robin at kallisti.net.nz>:
> On Sunday 14 August 2005 01:17, Patrick Ogay wrote:
> > With a "link rel" it would be possible to point to a know place,
> > where the favicon is.
> > the pmwiki logo is distributed aswell...
> Actually, it would be neat to have markup that specified the favicon, that
> way different pages/groups could have their own. Nice if you have
> different groups looking like different sites (like I do in one or two
> cases)
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