[pmwiki-users] Script combining include and list/search

Geraldine suleika at gmail.com
Sat Aug 13 18:16:06 CDT 2005

Hello all.  I'm reasonably new to pmwiki though not to wiki's.   I'm
liking it.  I'm going to be using it as a reference database (recipes,
artsong texts, record of gigs and contacts etc) as well as a GTD-style
project list.   I want to be able to pull todo's out of their project

I've looked at the todo cookbook script but that creates a separate
list with no reference to the other pages.  I thought of customising
it to include a link to the project page, but:

1. That might be too challenging for me

2. It still does not supply me with what I need, since I would like
the todo to be generated from and listed on their project pages.

I also thought of just linking or somehow tagging my todo's and then
using pagelist or search, but since that will only generate a list of
page names it's going to require a lot of clicking on links to find
out what the todo's are.

I thought of two solutions (hacks) and I wonder if either of them
might be doable in the near future:

1. A search page pulling all mentions of (for example) "[[todo]]" plus
the line/paragraph of text after it.  I gather dictindex will get
there one day; any idea when?

2. An include on a master todo list that includes every page that
includes a todo (utilising the #from and #to anchors to delimit the
todo section).  The problem is, of course, that one has to name the
individual pages to be included.  I was wondering if there is a way of
calling a pagelist or search variable and putting it into the include
directive in order to auto-generate the list.

So, am I dreaming?  Or is this possible?


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