simple tables... WAS Re: [pmwiki-users] bug in [@ @]?

Radu radu at
Sat Aug 13 15:36:47 CDT 2005

At 04:06 PM 8/13/2005, Patrick R. Michaud wrote:
>I didn't give up the (:markup:) directive in general -- only for this
>particular page.  And it's not carved in stone yet.

Um. So if this table layout is easier to read, could we have a 
variant of markup that generates exactly that? (:markup table:) or something...

I mean, if it's useful in one place why not use it somewhere else 
where the whole width of the page is not needed to display the source?

And one last observation while on this topic: I was a bit taken aback 
by the order

to get this ... do that

Which reverses the order used in the :markup: directive (and the 
order of causality ;). But I understand if you were writing with the 
begginer Author in mind, they might look for what they want to do and 
only then at how to do it.

>Usually when it's time to implement complex or nested tables,
>I just recommend enabling the HTML table markups directly in
>the page markup

So you don't think my suggestion is good for the core. Fine, I'll do 
it and add a recipe (hopefully this one will remain :)

But please don't suggest me the horrid EnableHTML!

One of the reasons I use a wiki is to be able to control the output 
(and maybe generate other markup, like pdf)

>I know which one *I* prefer to write.  :-) :-)  But if
>interpreting the table markup means requires knowing lots
>of codes or having something that doesn't look like its
>output, then I'd prefer to go with the table markup standard
>that everyone else is using.

Heh... If that's your opinion, then why use a wiki? ;) Have you 
looked at the expanding markup master index? Of course people won't 
have to remember the codes, I'm planning a toolbar filled with all 
the table types that project will need, and all the Authors will have 
to do is click the appropriate button, then change the variable 
values at the top of the table definition.


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