[pmwiki-users] Using inote markup as a systemwide LatestNews flag/sticky

K.A.Bouton k.a.bouton at reading.ac.uk
Fri Aug 12 08:43:38 CDT 2005

When I add a (:title Latest News:) to the latest news page, and then include
that latest news page within another - that page which includes it is now
title "Latest News" - even though it has a (:title My Test Page:) of its own

> > 1) I want the header in the sticky note to read the the 
> (:title:) of 
> > the page I am calling in
>     >>rframe width=200px font-size=smaller<<
>     {$Title}
>     (:include Main.LatestNews:)
>     >><<
> or you can put the {$Title} itself into the LatestNews page.

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