[pmwiki-users] Supporting different modes in default pmwiki

Neil Herber nospam at eton.ca
Thu Aug 11 18:33:53 CDT 2005

At 2005-08-11  06:36 PM -0400, Radu is rumored to have said:
>Neil, did you check recently
>There are indeed things that the author doesn't need and the admin does. 
>What you are describing is a one-person maintainer, admin and editor who 
>wants a leaner skin.

I just re-checked the page.

 From what I can see, the "standard view" is useless. I can't think of any 
potential use for it.

The display, author , and admin views are indeed very useful. Being able to 
restrict access to the author and admin views does turn this into a very 
nice CMS.

I am pleased and amused to see that the display, author, and admin views 
have a virtual one-to-one correspondence with the audiences: readers, 
authors, and admins!

I added a sample link that I think is easier to see when editing. The 
change is from:

         * [[PageTopMenu?action=edit| edit PageTopMenu]]
         edit [[PageTopMenu(?action=edit)]]


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