[pmwiki-users] Supporting different modes in default pmwiki

Patrick R. Michaud pmichaud at pobox.com
Thu Aug 11 14:49:00 CDT 2005

On Thu, Aug 11, 2005 at 03:07:06PM -0400, Bronwyn Boltwood wrote:
> Could we, in display view, show only a "Login" link, that, when
> clicked, asks for the page's edit password, and reloads the page in
> the appropriate view?  Logging in would also reveal the full version
> of the view switcher, including a Logout link that gets rid of the
> cookie with your passwords.

I've been musing that "logging in" might become as simple as having
a standard page that requires a password to read it.  For example,
navigating to Site.Login could prompt the user for a password,
and accept whatever password was entered.  Since PmWiki remembers
passwords, it'd be used for subsequent accesses.

Also, since we can create limited forms using markup, it wouldn't be
hard to create a 'login' page or put login forms into sidebars.
Something like:

    (:input form action='http://example.com/pmwiki.php?n={$FullName}' :)
    Login password: (:input password name='authpw' :)
    (:input end:)

or even

    (:if !authid:)
    (:input form action='http://example.com/pmwiki.php?n={$FullName}' :)
    username: (:input text name='authid' :)
    password: (:input password name='authpw' :)
    (:input end:)
    (:if authid:)
    Hello, {$AuthId}

Anyway, these are just thoughts at the moment.  I haven't looked into
it too carefully but it seems that something could be made to work
without a lot of extra programming or effort.


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